Builders ( ビルダーズ)
店名の由来:“Build” とは建物を建てる、建造する、といった和訳が一般的です。

Builders とはハンバーガー作りに特化したハンバーガー職人を指し、手間を惜しまず、工夫を重ねた


The history of the shop's name: A building is built with "Build", such as building.
A Japanese translation is general, a hamburger is made, it's being put together.
Such as, even the meaning is used.
Builders is the hamburger craftsman who specialized it in hamburger making.
The hamburger which is the special which pointed, didn't regret trouble and showed ingenuity.
The name which included and put the wish I'd like to offer to more customers.



子供の頃から大好きだったハンバーガーだが、日本橋人形町の老舗ハンバーガーショップ “ブラザーズ” の ハンバーガーと出会い、その美味しさに衝撃が走る。


Yasuhiko Machida
Although I love hamburgers since I was a child, I met a hamburger of a long-established hamburger shop in Nihonbashi Ningyocho "Brothers" and a shock runs on its taste.
While hunting over many hamburger shops, hamburger launched a single point of how people can make such a happy feeling, hit the Brothers gate.
In the Brothers, he practiced for five years, serving as a chef and a deputy manager.
I opened a hamburger shop "Builders" in Sumida Ward due to my desire to increase the number of happiness with my own hands.